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  • Essential Makeup Kit

Essential Makeup Kit

Whether you are just starting out as a student of makeup artistry, or you are a professional already working in the industry, you need a Makeup Kit.

Often our Makeup Kits will grow as we continue to add our favourite items to them. But when you need a complete kit, or simply want to upgrade your existing kit, HUB Makeup has two great options to select from. Competitively priced, these kits contain an excellent selection of products - much more than just the basics!

We have just released the new and improved Pro Makeup Kit. Items in this kit have been hand-selected to include the most popular products and shades, ensuring you are well equipped for your career in makeup.

KIT CONTAINS: Base products:
6 X Base Perfect Liquid Foundation, 3 x Powder Perfect Pressed Powder, 1 x First Base Primer, 1 x Endless Summer Bronzer, 1 x Concealer.

Eye products:
2 x 8 Shadow Palettes, 3 x Loose Dusts, 3 x Lashes packs, 2 x Eye Pencil, 1 x Mascara, 1 x iLine Eyeliner Pen, 1 x Cake liner, 1 x Cake sealer.

Lip products:
3 x Lip Liner, 3 x Lipstick, 3 x Lip Lacquer.

Student price $720.00 AUD  (GST inclusive)   Retail price $1,304.00 AUD (GST inclusive)